Update (12/6/2012)

The church voted Wednesday, December 5, to accept the new constitution. You can find the newly ratified constitution at the bottom of the page.


The church elders have decided that the church constitution was in need of review and updating. The official document had not been updated for nearly ten years. A committee was appointed to begin the process of reviewing and proposing updates to the constitution.

Constitution Review Committee

The Constitution Review Committee was tasked with the initial review of the constitution and proposal of updates and deletions. The review process was started in January and continued for several months. This initial committee was made up of:

Peter Wells Task Master
Ernie Scalabrin Scribe
Jamie Dugan Historian
Nick Benson Chief Wordsmith

Standing Constitution Committee

Once the initial review was completed, the Standing Constitution Committee, which supersedes the Constitution Review Committee, then incorporated the proposed changes. The Standing Constitution Committee is made of the following members:

Jim Vitale Vice-chair of Elders
Mary Sudano Chair of Deaconesses
Jim Elwood Chair of Deacons
Lil Revere Chair of Trustees
Peter Wells Member at Large
Jamie Dugan Member at Large

This committee has now completed its work and has presented the final proposal to the church body. The document, which is ready for review by the church members, will be presented at the bottom of this page to download and review.

Review Process

The proposed final document is presented here for review by church members. The document is presented in such a way that the proposed additions are highlighted in yellow and any deletions are shown as “struck-through”. If there is any question about reading the document, please feel free to contact the church office at (201) 391-6233 or by email.

At a later date, the Standing Constitution Committee will begin to hold fireside meetings to allow members to address any concerns or comments that they may have about the proposed changes. It is the committee’s hope that any concerns can be resolved before the December meeting. The final vote on the document will then be taken in December.

Proposed Constitution