May 2018 Tri-Boro Pantry Collection

May 2018 Tri-Boro Pantry Collection
May 1, 2018 Jonathan Cabrera

We are collecting food for the Tri-Boro Pantry Collection. Each month, different food items are designated. We have a receptacle under the balcony stairs in the narthex where everyone can drop off their donated food. Please make sure to check the “use by” dates on the items.

For the month of May, the donation items we are collecting are: canned tuna/chicken*, peanut butter & jelly*, tomato sauce*, household cleaning products*, toilet paper*, paper towels*, cold breakfast cereal, pasta (especially spaghetti), pancake mix, pancake syrup, white rice, macaroni and cheese, dried black beans, canned fruit, condiments, and snacks of all types.

(Asterisked items are in high demand)

In June, we will be collecting different items.