Summer Mission Trip to Dominican Republic

Summer Mission Trip to Dominican Republic
February 21, 2017 Jonathan Cabrera

Mission Trip 2017

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic:  July 9 – 17

Preparation Weekend:  June 23 – 25

We are reaching out this year to work with one of sponsored missionaries, Rick Jacobson of TIME MINISTRIES. Since 1968, TIME has been partnering with national pastors and churches to change lives and bring hope through construction projects, evangelism opportunities and discipleship programs. Our goal for this trip is to further the kingdom of God and share how God is working in our lives through the toil of building a new church for a village and participating/leading a vacation bible school. To get us ready for this journey, we have partnered with Touch the World Ministries to help us prepare for our mission and to help us raise the funds needed to get there.

What is different about this mission trip? We are recruiting not only the youth of our church to head out on a summer mission trip, we want everyone in the church, young and old, to head out on a summer mission trip. We are excited to be working with one of our own, Rick Jacobson who is a part of the Montvale church family, but also to work with a ministry that we sponsor.  We are also going to prepare ourselves to go out into the mission field. This is new for us and this is where Touch the World comes in. We will be spending a training weekend before the trip getting ready mentally and spiritually to go into the mission field.

If you think you can’t afford or can raise the approximate $1500 to go on the trip, think again. We will be using a whole new fund raising approach in addition to our tradition events that we have done in the past. We are going to harness the power of social media and crowd sourced funding to help everyone interested in going to get there.

Contact the church office and join our team.